Where do I stand on important issues?


Backlog of medical issues – We need to clear these. Perhaps we can look at other options rather than just our contracts in Southampton. I believe the main barrier is the transport links to Europe. I do believe this is something we can work towards changing. We need to see the figures and address any concerns about how any presented options will work.

​Electronic Voting - We should continue to look for efficiencies where we see there might be opportunities. I believe electronic voting is "quick-win" efficiency we can make.

​Faster internet - For the island to be more digitally friendly, innovative and advanced- fibre is a must and I will facilitate wherever I can.

Discrimination - Whether direct or indirect discrimination on any level is not acceptable, and I will strive to make sure there is no discrimination in any aspect of our island life for everyone. “Equal opportunities for all”.

Inefficiency - due to my background and personality, inefficiency is a Pet-peeve for me. I would love to rid the island of all inefficiency; however, this may be too “blue-sky” thinking, even for me. It/we/they can always be better. I will question the status quo. Why was it done like this? Why does it need to be? Can we make it better? Can we make it faster? I don't have all the answers- but I'm sure together we can work toward resolving many of these issues.

​​One idea that comes to mind is pre-polling! I notice a lot of debate in the states where some deputies are trying to convince other deputies to swing to their way of thinking- but the decision was always going to be unanimous- why do we waste this time? Surely, we can speed this up and focus our time where it really needs to be spent and stay on task. Perhaps pre-polling can provide deputies with the reassurance that a certain issue will pass- reducing the desire to debate and swing votes that don't need to be swung.

Nurses- Equal pay for equal work...I don't think I need to say more. 

​Open Skies - I love the idea of having a revolving bus route style of small electric aircraft where we can hop on and off. We do need to be mindful of the effects on Aurigny, but if it is positive then we should facilitate this as soon as we can.

​Sea Defences - We need timely and ongoing maintenance to prevent an even larger failure that would inevitably cost more.

Safeguarding - This is non-negotiable; we need to protect our children (yes, we need to protect everyone, but especially children). Safeguarding protocols need to be closely monitored and all staff should be up-skilled to be better equipped to deal with these matters.

​​Sea-front redevelopment - The harbour and seafront are lifelines and part of our heritage. We should ensure that this is upgraded to be a space we can be proud of, as well as ensuring it is profitable. We need to be joined up and have collaborative thinking to ensure an optimal outcome.

​​Renewable energy - This is absolutely where we are heading and where we should already be. We need to make our island as independent as we can be, especially with cheap, clean, renewable energy. This can take the form of tidal power, wind power and solar. We also need to help reduce our bills through more efficient heating systems and should enable houses (including rented) to install the relevant systems.

Runway - If there is a good business case for extending, this is something that should be addressed. Any opportunity to increase revenue to spend on reviving our economy and facilitating it to thrive should be considered.