"Vote for change,

don't just talk about it"




I AM INDEPENDENT- I will bring energy, agility and youth.

About me


Born in Guernsey, I am 35 years old, educated both locally and in the UK.

​​My professional background is in marine engineering and commercial skippering. After studying Computer Science at university, I returned to the Island where I then obtained my Diploma in Business Analysis before going to Warsash Maritime Academy to achieve a degree in Marine Engineering.

Responsible for crew/passengers on boats and the maintenance of a fleet of boats. I am used to being a leader and working as a team. I am also used to prioritising and making tough, important, time critical decisions in both a pragmatic and decisive manner.

​My character, life skills and experiences stand me in good stead for being a forward-thinking and solution-based deputy. I am very practical with an affinity for fixing things and problem-solving. I have excellent leadership skills and believe in teamwork. I seek to optimise efficiency, being innovative and always ready to listen. I am committed to seeing Guernsey thrive and building a true community. 


Enough about me...


It's about you. I believe that a deputy is a representative and a public servant. Deputies should be listening to the community to ascertain what is most important to us holistically. I want to collaborate with other deputies and / or parties to bring in change that will make our Island a world leader in being green, happy, and socially responsible. What we don't want is a repeat of our previous government's issues; where they were seemingly unable to bring about progressive policies.


Your opportunity is here... we are in a unique position to take advantage of what has been presented to us due to COVID-19. Let us use it to vote for those who really do want to listen to the views of the electorate and improve the Island, not those who are in this for self-gain & personal growth only. I believe we need innovation from the people, the states and the deputies to help us face the difficult challenges that we will encounter over the years to come.

I am careful not to make promises that I can't actually keep- we need like-minded deputies willing to collaborate to bring in the changes and progression we need. Independents can and should work together to move forward.

"Calling all entrenpeneurs 

Guernsey Needs You. You will help diversify our economy and I will help you do it."


01 core values

What will underpin who and how I am?


How will I act in the states?


I shall listen to both you and the evidence. I'm not stuck in my ways.


I will spend the time needed to be a great deputy.


I shall strive to be well informed of the facts, figures and opinions.

This time we need to be SMART- in both meanings of the word.

I will say it how i see it and not hide behind words.

I am just another person, like you, wanting to do my bit to help the island.





Specific, Measured, Acheivable, Realistic, Time bound


03 Basic Principles

A really brief overview-

Fully committed?

I believe the workload of a current deputy is far more intensive than candidates think. I will actually devote the time needed in order to listen to public opinion and use the evidence before making decisions.

Green Guernsey

We could be a world leader in being green working together we can bring the change.

As a community, I believe we should increase our self-sufficiency, aim to be more sustainable and much more environmentally responsible. I plan to encourage this and always keep it in mind when finding the best solutions for our Island.

Local Livelihoods

Clear vision and leadership

The economy needs very special care- and so do some members of our community. We must keep our overall vision in mind as we do everything we can to protect local jobs, create more opportunities whilst promoting and facilitating training for islanders in order to take these opportunities. We are our future.

Diversify and grow the Economy

Promoting and investing in a diverse economy can create more jobs opportunities and help bring viable alternatives to our reliance on the finance industry so we can weather any storm that comes our way.

Be more efficient

Now more than ever it is important that we efficiently reduce costs, where appropriate, to ensure more money can go where it is truly needed- like caring for the vulnerable and investing in economic growth opportunities.

Everyone in our community matters equally and those who are most vulnerable need our protection. We must further build on the existing good work Guernsey has already achieved regarding discrimination.

Serving the needs of our whole community rather than a select few is something I strongly believe in.


 Don't just take my word

" I have known Sam Haskins all his life; I am his godfather. I’ve seen him develop as a young man and a human being. I am proud of his values and his qualities as a person. He has intelligence, integrity, and common decency. He will be a great asset to the States. He is not only well educated and experienced in life, but he has the welfare of the island at heart. I know in particular the environment and health issues interest him and if elected, which I hope he is, I think he would make a valuable contribution to the island."

Peter Ferbrache

Current States Deputy and Advocate

" I am delighted to nominate Sam Haskins as a candidate for election to the States of Guernsey. I have known Sam for many years and have observed his development and progress with great pride. He has significant experience and high-level qualifications in marine engineering, an area of unique importance to Guernsey. The ability to speak with authority in such an important area will be invaluable to the next States as it seeks to steer the Island through the consequences of the Covid pandemic. Sam is a man of high intellect and great integrity. His experience and compassion coupled with enormous energy and an absolute commitment to our Island all mean that he will be a real asset to the next States and a very effective and committed Deputy."

Professor Richard Conder 

Former Deputy and Non-States Member


Please feel free to get in touch with me any time you like, with anything you'd like- sometimes what seems small to you is big for the rest of us!

Tel: 07911763616


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